To emulate the old-time excitement of a coming attraction and introduce myself to the residents as a light-hearted person, I stoked up my creativity to make some tech-help related documents and posted them at Atria Bay Spring the week before I offered my first session.

Tech Help Times.pdf

Tech Help Times

My grandmother suggested to me that I create something for my project that resembled a newspaper. I put together my best attempt at a newspaper front page, and it was great for first impressions, sitting next to event calendars at Atria.

(note: there is no page two)


Straw Poll

I wanted to include the self-declared needs of the residents into as much of my program as possible, so I gave my mentor straw polls to gauge the wants of the residents. I included as many topics as I could think of, and in the end, the most sought-after topics were photo messaging and spam control.